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4 Jul 2017

Article Body A Brief History Of The Halo Franchise


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Posted By Pauline W.

As one of the most successful and most popular video game franchises of all time, the Halo series is a favorite of video game lovers everywhere. The title, created by Bungie Studios, follows a protagonist by the name of Master Chief. A cybernetically-enhanced human soldier, he leads the battle against mankind's foe, an alien race known as the Covenant.

Widely known as a huge success on the Xbox video game console, the game initially released to Mac and PC users. What was originally meant to be a Real Time Shooter, the concept evolved into the premiere First Person Shooter of it's time, setting the stage for hundreds of copycat releases. It's original debut happened at MacWorld '99 to an extremely enthusiastic crowd.

Microsoft was quick to pick up on the excitement behind the game, and targeted it for their upcoming console, the Xbox. By June, 2000, Microsoft had sought to purchase Bungie Studios to the sum of $50 million dollars. Bungie accepted, making Halo the key purchase available for the launch of the console.

When the Xbox finally hit the shelves on November 15, 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved was launched simultaneously. It satisfied both the fans and the critics, establishing it as the future of video games. As millions of copies were sold, it made the Xbox the heavy hitter it is today, breaking many sales records. As one of the more popular video games ever released, it has spawned many sequels, novels, comics, toys, and other additional merchandise.

As terrific as the storyline is, the most long-lasting factor in the success of this franchise is the stellar multiplayer options. Being able to play with your friends over the internet is a huge draw that keeps many players engaged for many years. All you need is a broadband cable provider. Running an ethernet cable from your cable modem to the Xbox opens up huge new options in the multiplayer world.

The game and it's successors are must-own titles for the Xbox and Xbox 360. The grand storytelling and immense single player campaigns are just the beginning of the adventure. The deep and rich multiplayer modes are the backbone of this franchise, keeping players, both young and old, coming back for years to come.


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